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What are your delivery times?

Domestic shipping for original artworks is approximately 5-7 days. Canvas prints delivery time is 10-14 business days as they are made to order and custom made.

International shipping 7-10 days Shipping can vary based on demand and fluctuations in
international travel. If there are any changes to your estimated shipping, we will keep you updated. As well as this, if you purchase an artwork and decide you want it shipped later, we can accommodate accordingly.

How much will shipping cost?

We calculate shipping based on artwork dimensions, weight and destination, which will vary accordingly. If you have any queries regarding this, contact the gallery so we can best accommodate you.

 We also offer FREE shipping Australia-wide for our Canvas Prints!

Can you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes! We ship internationally from Sydney to your door. Shipping is calculated during checkout process. If you have any trouble with your destination, please contact us so we can resolve it.

My Order

How can I cancel my order?

Please choose carefully. If you make a mistake, please contact the gallery ASAP and we can arrange the best course of action for you.

Please note: Due to production costs, we don't offer returns or exchanges on the art prints.

What if I receive the wrong product?

Contact the gallery ASAP with images of the artwork, order number, date of order and arrival, and any other details of your initial order. We will arrange a solution ASAP and ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase. 

Do you offer exchanges for faulty items?

Prior to delivery we ensure that the artwork has been packaged and protected to endure shipment. If your artwork unfortunately has been damaged during shipping, keep all damaged items, as well as any inner and outer packaging. Please send us photo documentation, artwork name and date of purchase. If applicable, we may be able to offer you alternative options and ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase.


How do I return my product?

Please choose carefully, we do not offer returns or exchanges once purchased as noted on the terms and conditions. If your artwork is missing, damaged or different to what you have ordered, we can arrange alternate procedures to ensure you are satisfied with your experience and

How do I care for my product?

All paintings are signed and sealed with varnish to protect from the accumulation of dust and dirt.


Ensure the artwork is not placed against any rigid objects as this could create permanent indentation damage on the canvas. When the work needs to be moved or handled, avoid touching the paint surface or the back of the canvas. Do not apply any kind of pressure to the back of a canvas.

We don’t advise placing artworks above a heat source such as fireplaces. In addition to the damage caused by radiating heat, dirt that rises with the heat may cause damage. Areas with high moisture such as a room which has a bath or shower are also not recommended. Rapid environmental fluctuations will be harmful to the painting.

Do not use chemicals when attempting to clean works as it may embed lines over surfaces and attract accumulation of dirt and dust. Avoid using stiff bristle brushes or feather dusters as threads can catch on areas of raised paint and dusters can scratch the painting.

Do not place the artwork in direct sunlight. It could fade the colours.



Cleaning using compressed air to blow away surface dust or using a dry soft brush to lightly brush the surface is most recommended for the maintenance of your artworks. Ensure the procedure is done with caution to avoid any physical damaging to the artwork.  

For display, indirect sunlight, recessed lighting and halogen lights (not ultraviolet) are most recommended in highlighting your work safely.

Do you offer warranties?

We do not offer this for our artworks.