New York ART Expo…. what an amazing experience it was.... with a few sales, contracts with galleries in New York and offers to exhibit in Paris, Berlin, Sweden, New York, Dallas, Miami and Dubai.... what else I could wish for!

A few months ago when I accepted the invitation from the show organisers. I didn't have the faintest idea that I'd be showered with so many opportunities. 

When I received the invite my first reaction was... it is too short notice to prepare for an art expo. But I always love accepting challenges... so I took the challenge upon myself. Luckily my career in web project management came in handy. And I got on with preparing for the show.

I started with writing some goals for this exhibition. As I selected the Solo booth my main aim was to showcase my work and connect with a few galleries in New York. Although artwork sales was not the main objective (but I must admit it always boosts your spirit if there are sales). 

Preparing for the show was quite a joyful process as well. I love spending time in my studio and experimenting with different materials and techniques. I decided to focus on mixed media for the show. 

Although the logistics from Sydney to New York, paperwork and all other requirements to organise the show was less interesting, I believe it added to my experience and I learned a lot. 

It was a lovely experience to participate in the expo. I received so much wonderful feedback on my collection. It was awesome to be among so many talented artists! Four days surrounded by art... just amazing!